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Born on May 27, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Andre Lauren Benjamin, known professionally as Andre 3000, is a member of the worldwide-known American hip hop band Out Kast.

Andre is particularly known for his ability to play many musical instruments. Sources estimate that Andre 3000‘s net worth is as high as million.

Peter Andre has opened up about his youth living in Australia - and how it led to a social anxiety condition.

Appearing on This Morning, Peter said: 'This is such an important conversation. I would say anything to get out of [social situations] and it was social anxiety.'Peter, 44, explained that the issues he suffers from stem from his youth in Australia with Greek heritage - labeling himself an 'outcast'.'It was a very rough time in Australia. I was the outcast.'Yes we were picked on; I had a knife held at me which started the fear of going to nightclubs and things like that where I didn’t know my surroundings.'Presenter Phillip Schofield, who was conducting the interview, explained how Peter would have up to twenty panic attacks a day, he considered suicide and had to go to spend almost three weeks in a psychiatric hospital in New York.

I contacted her (the real one) and told that someone was using her name and photo on Cupidbay.Their debut album was released in 1994 and named Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.One of their first, and considered to be most successful, singles is Player`s Ball.However, Shelter did receive the donations taken during the 15 minute performance.'Nationwide have also been approached for comment.When he tweeted a photo of his performance the star was instantly showered with compliments from his 664,000 Instagram followers with one fan writing 'Well done Pete lovely thing to do' while another added 'You are a great guy Pete, how many would do this' It was reported Shelter confirmed they had not paid the star and were thankful for the donation.

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It was reported the singer was paid a large sum by Nationwide for the gig with £260 collected on the day.

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