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Learn about Prepared statements j.mp/T9h LWi and use PDO php.net/pdo or My SQLi php.net/mysqli instead.

is it possible to add a new option dynamically to a select box and also can be added to the database using Ajax.

And also let me know the result you get in the ajax response.

Note : I have searched in stackoverflow for this question. Here are those links below link1, link2, link3 When i click on first row select box the data is sent through ajax and the There are so many things wrong I don't know where to start... You need to add the ID to the attribute and then just get it with $(this).attr(data-id) or something like that or store it all in an js object. Issue is just because of ID's you have used, the script is updating same row again and again.

in my controller and forwarding to my jsp view to populate a select.

After it populates the first time, I want to replace the map object used to populate the select with a json object I am retrieving using jquery AJAX and converting to an object using j Query.parse JSON.

For example: Once the user presses general it sends the request to ajax, changing/updating the database instantly.

$totalhrs = $monhrs $tueshrs $wedshrs $thurshrs $frihrs $sathrs $sunhrs; $total Mins = ($monmins $tuesmins $wedsmins $thursmins $frimins $satmins $sunmins) ($totalhrs * 60); $weeklyhrs = floor($total Mins / 60); ?

The majority of these changes have been foreshadowed by their deprecation in previous versions of j Query, particularly 1.7 and 1.8.

What I want to do is use AJAX to automatically recalculate total minutes or hours if the user enters them.

because firstly you are processing to click event of some tag name which is not there and you are passing data in ajax from some name field and processing the data in php file and then after you are trying to do action on the field which is not in the form element. you have select dropdown of id answer9 and in javascript code you are working on answer1.

i am looking for a button which appends new option to the select box as well as to add that field to the database. is it possible to update the select box values without page refresh, The case is when i adds new data to database and not making use of .append here... in my other Page i have a issue.process is just the reverse, 1 adds to the database 2 but only after reloading does the updation of my select box occurs.- i would like to update the select box data updated dynamically without page refresh...

I have a table that i made in php, now i want to let the user to change the access level of each user, using a dropdown menu (select/option).

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We realize that existing sites and plugins may be affected by these changes, and are providing the j Query Migrate plugin for a transitional upgrade path.

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