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There may be a spiritual connection that other people don’t understand. You unwittingly encourage the 12th house person’s bad habits.You are too accepting of the 12th house person’s self-sabotaging behavior.When Sally has the chance to go on a date, Dick tells her to go, since none of them had sex yet and Dick isn't getting anywhere with Mary. "Dick Is from Mars, Sally Is from Venus" isn't quite as clever as its three predecessors, but it's still quite a day at the office.With Harry playing her date, Dick explains some things about dating and off Sally goes. She didn't have sex though but her date promised to give her a call. In their perpetual quest to fulfill their human duties, Dick tells Sally she needs to experience sex.Meanwhile, Tommy's teachers think he has an attitude and Dick has to come to the school to talk about it. So Nina and Mary set her up with a date who's perfect for her-- or is he?With everything fun must come something painful-- that's an essence of humanity. Because Venus’s orbit is nearer the Sun than Earth’s, the planet is always roughly in the same direction in the sky as the Sun and can be seen only in the hours near sunrise or sunset.When it is visible, it is the most brilliant planet in the sky. observations of the planet revealed a perpetual veil of clouds, suggestive of a substantial atmosphere and leading to popular speculation that Venus was a warm, wet world, perhaps similar to Earth during its prehistoric age of swampy forests and abundant life.

If you look carefully, you will notice that the dome has many transportation tunnels entering it from all directions.

It is the brightest object in the sky except for the Sun and the Moon.

Like Mercury, it was popularly thought to be two separate bodies: Eosphorus as the morning star and Hesperus as the evening star, but the Greek astronomers knew better.

The 12th house is about secrets, fears, the subconscious, criminal activity, spirituality, ghosts, dreams, meditation, retreat, solitude, imprisonment, museums, hospitals, institutions, merging, imagination, the intangible, secrets, and the ways that you sabotage yourself. Their presence encourages you to be cooperative and pleasant. Venus people who do not have your best interests at heart can use their knowledge of your shortcomings to manipulate you. The relationship is private and occurs away from prying eyes.

When someone’s Venus falls in your 12th house they arouse your imagination and fascination. They rouse the desire to be beautiful from the inside out. Love feels mystical in the 12th house person’s presence. You might feel that the 12th house person doesn’t want to be seen with you in public.

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And it's something Sally learns here for the first time in this intelligent, but slightly weak, entry.

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