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Its popularity waned a bit during the high inflation and interest rates of the early 1980s, but picked back up after interest and inflation rates dropped later in that decade.As of the fourth quarter of 2012, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, which is self-liquidating, was the most popular type of mortgage in the United States.Mortgages were originally interest-only loans that needed to be refinanced every five or so years.After the Great Depression, self-liquidating loans became more prevalent due to support from the Federal Housing Administration and the growth of the savings-and-loan industry.I have been busy compiling an overview of all the funds that are currently traded on the Italian stock exchange.

That sounds pretty compelling to me, although I can imagine that not everybody has the same initial thoughts. Yak…Wert Art does a good job of providing some background on the history of the funds, and even more information can be found in this report on Italian REIFs.Calling a loan self-liquidating is just a complicated way of saying that it eventually gets paid off. For example, the popular 30-year fixed rate mortgage is a self-liquidating loan.While a self-liquidating loan might cost a little bit more than a mortgage with a balloon or a loan with interest-only payments, in the long run it's the best choice for most situations.In almost all reports you can, for example, find information about the development of the GDP in Japan while most funds exclusively own property in Italy.More relevant information such as rental yields and occupancy levels is often nowhere to be found. Today I’ll give a brief overview of the various funds and the reason why I think they are attractive as a group, and in one or more future posts I’ll dive deeper in some individual funds and other relevant details (e.g. The table below provides an overview of the various listed Italian REIFs sorted by the .

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