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Here are a few restaurants where vegetables, beans and mushrooms occupy more than just a token place on the menu.

(Note: This is not intended to be a list of vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

In early 2005 Speed Dater ran its first Lock and Key party in London.

Lock and key parties are more like a singles party.

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Please check the Happy Cow website if that's what you're looking for.) Categories on this page: There are plenty of places to find meat and potatoes, or fish and rice, but where do you go for vegetables?

Please check the Happy Cow website if that's what you're looking for.) Categories on this page: It's a restaurant (well more of a stand, really) devoted to French fries, served with various dips (basil mayonaisse, chili sour cream, avocado) and side dishes like pork sausage, chili con carne and...

Speed Dater runs more dating events in London than any other site!

Enjoy singles nights London such as speed dating, massive singles parties, activity singles events (cooking, wine tasting, ping pong, quizzes) and also niche speed dating (professionals, tall men, vegan/vegetarian and more).

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