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However, Settle For Love wants to encourage people to be open about their perceived ‘flaws’ in order to help foster happier relationships based on honesty, without fear of being judged.As Ashley, 23, says in a video diary: “.” Whether it’s thinning hair in women or men worried about a receding hairline, if you are concerned about hair loss having a detrimental effect on your self-confidence and would like advice on regrowing your hair, contact a specialist .

These slogans have been popularized around the sport and are meant to encourage you.

As a slogan intended to rebrand and revamp the allure of an entire nation, it seems sadly perfunctory. But that's what's funny about destination slogans: they take up vast amounts of blood, sweat and tears and, yet, when they are unveiled, they often seem deficient.

In their attempt to sex up the road signs greeting travellers crossing the border, the finest minds in Scottish tourism appear to have settled for the absolute basic. Take Nottinghamshire, for example, where a new slogan was hit upon after 120,000 and a campaign by the local community to retain the old one ("Our Style is Legendary").

A new dating site is subverting expectations by asking users to be forthcoming about their imperfections, such as excess weight, hair loss and personality flaws.

Settle For Love has been created by balding entrepreneur David Wheeler, pictured below using the site.

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