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Zimbabwe Network measurements undertook did not seem to reveal any strong evidence of censorship happening on any content during the testing period.This does not mean that censorship is not happening at all inside of Zimbabwe, but only that from the specific vantage point from which we ran measurements on a set of specific URLs we could not find signs of internet censorship occurring.“We submitted evidence before the declaration of the results regarding the gross irregularities that have taken place.That is why we will not accept the result.” The Zambian people aren’t the only ones growing worried with the conduct that has been demonstrated in this election.bout 30 % of Zambia’s 752,614 square kilometers is reserved for wildlife.There are 20 national parks and 34 game management areas in the country.The individual country reports can either be read separately as ‘stand-alone’ reports or conjunctively in order gain a deep regional comparative perspective.All the reports rely on research questions based on Citizen Lab’s ‘mixed methods’ research approach.

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In this study, information controls is utilized as a broad term to define actions that governments, the private sector, and other actors take through the internet and other information communications technologies to deny (e.g, internet filtering), disrupt (e.g., network shutdowns), monitor (e.g, network surveillance), or secure (e.g., encryption) information for political ends.

Information controls can also be non-technical and implemented through legal and regulatory frameworks, including informal pressures placed on private companies.

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in Lusaka saw “unprecedented” levels of violence, UPND supporters were prevented from attending their rally – resulting in one man being shot dead.

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